Sunday, February 1, 2009

beginnings of a new artist?

Yesterday I met with Sarah Meyer to begin my first art project of a series of different forms of art. This is my Personal Arts Project for EAES201. Sarah taught me a lot about the art form of pointalism, showing me one of her works (which was amazing!), helping me select a picture to make, and demonstrating how to draw a ball through pointalism. Plus, she even gave me some cool art markers to make the best picture!

Later that afternoon, I went to Colours with my sister to buy some coloured pens in case I decided to add colour to my picture. While there, I went a bit overboard. By the time I left, I had collected the coloured pens, a calligraphy kit, charcoal, a sketchbook, an art portfolio, and ten sheets of scratch-art paper.

Looks like my project just got a little bigger.

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