Tuesday, January 13, 2009

east side's work party

Last night I went to SoHo's with my boyfriend, Jeff, for his belated holiday work party. It was semi-formal, so I even wore a dress and heels (something that doesn't happen very often lol). I wasn't expecting to have an amazing night because I didn't know very many people there, but everyone turned out to be really friendly and even remembered my name throughout the night. One person I was introduced to told me he was glad that I "wasn't fake"; I guess Jeff told him about me but we'd never met so he wasn't sure if I was real or not! Haha :)

There was lots of food, lots of drinks, a ton of dancing and some awesome prizes for the employees. Three people who had worked for East Side for over five years won a trip to Disneyworld, including Jeff's close friend Alisha, plus the two MVPs of the year won a snowboarding trip! Everyone was in high spirits and stayed out late despite it being a Monday night.

I was pretty tired and had sore feet (partly from wearing heels and partly from them being stepped on while dancing...) when we finally left the party, but I was glad that I went to see another side of my boyfriend and to meet a bunch of people that are in his work life.

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