Thursday, January 22, 2009

iGoogle Screenshot

iGoogle Screenshot
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A screenshot of my iGoogle page for ECMP355.

My theme is called 'Pocoyo'; I think it's a kids cartoon somewhere. It changes depending on the time of day; dark blue at night, green in the morning, bright blue in the day, pink during the evening. Plus the little characters are adorable!

I have several widgets, some are new after seeing some other iGoogle pages last class. I have the weather, a post-it note (called 'ToDo'), my horoscope (gemini), hangman (!), google reader, bone-head of the day awards (true stories of some crazy people), delicious, mario-is-back(!!), quote of the day, word of the day, google docs, and document-to-pdf. I used to have joke of the day, but they got pretty lame after a while...

I use my iGoogle page everyday as it is my homepage. I read my horoscope and daily word/quote. Sometimes I play hangman and update my post-it. Now that I have Google Reader, I find it very handy to check in on people's blogs. Yay for iGoogle!

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  1. Nice igoogle page, Robin. I hope you are enjoying ecmp as much as I am! Look forward to seeing you in class.