Sunday, January 11, 2009

night at the casino

I went to the casino for the first time last night and had a lot more fun than I anticipated. I went with five friends from work, each of us equipped with twenty dollars to gamble away. Mine was gone within a half hour of playing the slots, but my friend Megan actually doubled her twenty dollars which was pretty sweet.

My previous vision of the casino was a fancy place where gambling addicts go to lose all of their money. The vision of a fun, casual evening with friends for the cost of only twenty bucks had never entered my mind before; it was as good as spending ten bucks on a movie ticket plus concession, but with more opportunity to connect with your friends.

After having one of Denny's marvelous chocolate shakes and collapsing in bed at 2am, I reflected on the fun night I had and the relationships developed with new friends. Will there be another casino night for me in the future? Definitely.

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