Tuesday, January 20, 2009

sunny days

How I love sunny days in winter. They brighten my outlook on life more than sunny days in summer because they are so rare and special. Sure, they may bring slippery slush, idiotic drivers, and muddy shoes, but I don't have to start my car twenty minutes early (only ten). I don't have to bundle up so only my eyes are showing (the rest of my face is bare). I don't have to worry about parking twelve aisles away in the parking lots (even if it still sucks).

Despite the positivity of the sun, I can't help but wonder if our beautiful weather is really a curse caused by the ever-present global warming. I've lived in Regina all my life, and only the past few years do I have memories of days like this during the winter. When I was a kid, it was never like this; always indoor recess, three layers of parkas and car-rides to a home that was only two blocks away.

When the weather changes this drastically, that even a regular girl like me starts noticing it, it becomes obvious without all the stats, pictures and predictions that our physical world is changing. It may be nice, sunny weather for us now, but will there even be snow in Saskatchewan forty years from now? Will our warm summers turn to desert-like heat? Will tornados and drought start attacking our city as the hurricanes have begun attacking the States?

Or am I just being over-dramatic?

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