Monday, January 26, 2009

to get a turtle or not to get a turtle?

So, I've beeing thinking about getting a turtle for the past week or so now and I have mixed thoughts. They're awesome and cool and I'd love it to bits. I only have to clean the tank very two weeks and feed it once a day. However, turtles live practically forever (30-40 years) and they can grow pretty big. Plus, a tank + filter + food + rocks + sunning platform = $$$. Fortunately, a 20 gallon tank should be good for the first 5-10 years according to the lady at Rose's Family Pets. Is it worth it? Thoughts anyone?


  1. GET THE TURTLE!! If it is something you really want you should go for it (as long as your budget is flexible enough to afford it). I am pretty sure you'll regret it if you don't...and if you ever get sick of the turtle I have always wanted one... ;) Have you picked a name yet? If you do eventually get the turtle you should send out a google survey and have a name picking contest! Just a fun suggestion...

    PS - Thanks for your comments, I am relieved to hear someone has the same fears and concerns that I do!

  2. My friend had a turtle a long long time ago, it was cool, but it was really stinky (but I guess all animals kind of stink :P). If you do get a turtle you should probally get it 3 more turtle friends and a rat master. Then you should put muta-gen on them so they mutate...and well, you probally know the story from there.

  3. Ya know Robin, I also want a turtle! But the down side is that I have heard that they really really stink...?? Maybe something to think about!