Thursday, January 15, 2009

use of technology in my education

Last class in ECMP355, our professor, Dean Shareski, asked us to write about how technology was used in our educational experience.

Elementary school was a long time ago, but from what I remember, the biggest use of technology was in computer class (surprise!). We had computers two or three times a week and we'd spend half the class practicing our typing skills. I forget the program that we used, but the title of the program, and also the guide-lady's name started with an M... grr, that's going to bother me until I remember it!! Oh well. The other half of computers was literally spent playing computer games or typing out essays we had already written. Other than computer class, use of technology in the classroom was limited to listening to music on a cassette and CD player in music class and... well, that's all I remember lol

Luckily, there was a bit more use of technology in high school. My science classes often borrowed a set of Mac laptops to do research in the classroom instead of heading to the library. There were only ten macbooks for the whole class to use though, so we usually had two or three people crowding around the small computer. I recall a heavy use of projectors and VCR players in social, psychology and math. Information Processing and Computer Science were of course completely computer-based. We learned to use all Microsoft programs in IP and programming software Alice and Visual Basic.

However, if I think of it from another perspective, "Did the teachers put effort into incorporating techonology into the classroom?" Some did. Most probably didn't even think of it.

I don't want to sound like I had a crappy school experience; I loved it! There just wasn't a lot of use of technology when I look back. That being said, I don't consider myself "technologically-challenged"; in fact, I think I'm quite apt at finding my way through the web, learning new programs and not installing a gazillion viruses onto my computer haha

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