Saturday, February 28, 2009

Daily Picture 28/02/09

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The Eiffel tower.

Daily Picture 27/02/09

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An amazing sculpture in the Lourve, but I forget it's name... anyone?

Daily Picture 26/02/09

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This is how tiny the streets are in Venice! They don't have cars.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Daily Picture 25/02/09

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A rose from the boquet my boyfriend bought me last Val's Day.

Daily Picture 24/02/09

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A picture from the cherry blossom tree in my backyard.

Daily Picture 23/02/09

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Daffodils from a boquet my mom bought last summer.

In case you hadn't hear, I lost my camera. In the meantime, I'll be posting some old favourites.


I thought I'd give you a bit of an update on my mentorship. My Grade 10 English class in Virginia has been blogging for a while now, so their teacher told me her goal is to 1) develop personality and reflection in their posts and 2) expand their blogging horizons. I've been commenting on their blogs with advice on how each student can improve for their first goal. Then I came up with an idea to expand their second goal; blog-pals!

Blog-pals work a bit like pen-pals, just with a twenty-first century twist. The Grade 10 juniors in Virginia will be paired with Kindergartners from New Hampshire. The teachers and I are still figuring out how it's all going to work, but I think it will help the juniors expand their blogging experience and help the kindergarteners by encouraging blog posts.

If you have any idea of cool activities we can do, let me know!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Here is my mastercard video. I apologize for the text at the bottom of 4/5 images... I lost my camera so I had to make do with flickr images. They are great images, but don't exactly flow how I'd like them to. Oh well. I used Microsoft PhotoStory which was super-easy to use. Enjoy!

bad news

I have very bad news... I've lost my camera! I'm quite upset about it, I love my camera. I've searched my room about twenty times, and the rest of the house twice and it's nowhere to be found. I really hope I find it; it's a really great camera.

In the meantime, do you think I should post Daily Pictures from my parent's camera? Or should I post some old favourites? Let me know what you think!

Monday, February 23, 2009

mentorship with Mrs. Maria Knee

I have already posted about my mentorship with Mrs. Clark Evans Grade 11 English class, so now I get to tell you about my beginning experience with Mrs. Maria Knee's kindergarten class in Deerfield, New Hampshire.

I was very surprised to see a kindergarten class blogging, so I was quite excited when I got the chance to work with this class. Their blogs are very interesting and informative. Their last posts were about spiders, so they all posted picture of spiders that they made on the computer, using Microsoft Paint I assume. The students are already adding colour virtually, making sure their spiders only have eight legs, adding details like webs and flies/ants, and sometimes adding text to let the views now what's happening in their picture(s).

Another really neat thing is that I wasn't the only one commenting on their blogs. Almost every student blog had at least tow other comments from various people; their parents, brothers or sisters, older buddies, and random teachers from across the United States who probably met Mrs. Knee online.

I am looking forward to working with this class for the rest of the semester! :)

Daily Picture 22/02/09

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A flower in a boquet my mom received for Valentine's Day.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I admit, I rarely check out anyone's blogs except for our ECMP355 class and my mentorship classes. However, the title of Clarence Fisher's recent blog post enticed me: I'm Done with Edtech.

All I have to say is check out this seven minute video. Who knows, maybe you will be using Siftables to teach math, language arts and music your classroom?

Daily Picture 21/02/09

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Some of my Nancy Drew collection.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Daily Picture 20/02/09

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My mom and her baby... Joey.

Friday, February 20, 2009


I created my tech task #10 using glogster. It's a great, easy-to-use program and I highly recommend it! I had a tough time choosing only four pictures, but I think I did okay. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Daily Picture 19/02/09

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An action picture... while driving with my sister.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Daily Picture 18/02/09

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Our family wall.

Daily Picture 17/02/09

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Hershey Kisses from my grandma :)

Monday, February 16, 2009


I will be using Skype for at least two of my mentorship classrooms durings the next few weeks. I've made my skype account (metro_racer) and have a general idea of how it works, but if anyone has some tips for a first-time Skyper, that would be great. Thanks!!

final project in the making

For my final project, I decided to explore wikispaces. I decided wikispaces because almost everyone's heard of them and I saw that several of the mentorship classrooms in the masterlist are learning about them, so I thought it would be a good thing to teach myself.

My wikispace is going to be a resource site. That is, a huge collection of all of the resources (websites, books, crafts or just ideas) that are being thrown at me as an education student. I've made a start here, but I still have tons of resources to put on the site.

I'd like to make it as interactive as possible, without giving free reign on my wiki. Any ideas to expand the interactive-ness of the site are greatly appreciated. Please, please visit my wiki and give me any ideas or criticism you can think of. I am really open to new ideas and features for my wiki.

Daily Picture 16/02/09

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Some art pens I bought at Colours.

survey results

Here are the results from my survey, "What is your favourite colour?". Unfortunately, only six people voted... but the results were very different. The six votes showed six different favourite colours; pink, orange, green, brown, black and yellow. Thanks for those that voted. If you'd still like to vote, here's my survey. Thanks!

Daily Picture 15/02/09

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My keyboard :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Daily Picture 14/02/09

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A rose that Jeff got me for Valentine's Day :) The pic is a little fuzzy.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

valentine's day 2009

My boyfriend, Jeff, and I had our Valentine's Day on Friday night because he was leaving for Mexico on Saturday (without me haha). Friday was also my dad's birthday, so we started out with supper at the new Applebee's with my family. I haven't been there before, but the steak I had was pretty awesome. Afterwards, Jeff and I went to Paul Blart; Mall Cop (very Val's Day-ish). It was pretty funny and definetly recommended for a good laugh. Then we spent a few hours at my house just talking and saying goodbye. We decided that I'm probably not going to make it through the week without him (just jokes :D).

I hope everyone else had a good Valentine's Day. Enjoy Reading Week!

clay sculpture with mickey

Yesterday after EAES, Mickey and I headed to the Visual Art Education classroom to work on the second installment of my EAES Personal Arts Project; sculpture. Mickey generously donated some of his personal clay for the project.

As we worked on un-freezing the clay that had been sitting in his car for two days, we talked about the subject I wanted to sculpt. I was toying around with the idea of sculpting a horse, but I figured it was too difficult for a first try. Then Mickey suggested a turtle, as that was his first sculpture. I was excatic; you might remember an earlier post about the idea of getting a live turtle (which is still an idea and not yet reality).

Once enough clay was thawed, Mickey showed me how to kneed it. If you don't kneed the clay then the tiny pockets of air inside the clay will cause the sculpture to explode when it is being kilned. Then we started getting creative and began molding our turtles. Mickey stole some plastic forks and knives from Fast Break so we could make some designs on their shells, and eyes and a mouth. He showed me the 'snake'; rolling clay until it's in a long, thin line, then using that as the rim of the shell.

Mickey also informed me that things break of easily after they've been kilned, so to make sure anything I add on (the head, tail and flippers) were very sturdy. He said was a good idea to make little grooves in the area that I wanted to attach something (via the plastic fork) so the addition would stick. I finished by adding a hexagon pattern on my turtle's shell.

Now, I'm supposed to wait for one-two weeks (until the clay is completely dry) to kiln our turtles. After that, I can paint them or glaze it or leave it as is. Thanks Mickey for showing me another form of visual art!

Daily Picture 13/02/09

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The Glencairn Bolodrome :)

Daily Picture 12/02/09

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A bucket of pencil crayons.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Daily Picture 11/02/09

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Jelly Bellies :)

mentorship with Mrs. Jennifer Clark Evans

Hello all,

So the reason I haven't been posting much is that I've been trying to set up my mentorship classrooms! I'm very excited for this project, even if it means stealing more of my precious free time. Oh well! I have heard back from all of my mentorship teachers, but I'm only ready to go with one so far so I'll just tell you about her class.

Mrs. Jennifer Clark Evans and her Grade 11 english class are from Fredericksburg, VA. Each student has a blog and has various mini-assignments to post on their blog often. They have been using blogs for a while, so Jennifer's goal now is to make their blogs more personal and reflective, and to connect her students to a wider audience.

I had an idea to have 'blog-pals' (like penpals) with another of my mentorship classrooms, but the other teachers are in the middle of progress reports and aren't quite ready for my assistance yet. Once they are back into the swing of things, I'll run the idea by them.

Jennifer would also like to teach her students to use Delicious or Digg. I volunteered to help out with Delicious, but if she chose Digg I could also create an account there to learn with and help the students.

I'm very excited to be giving students feedback on their blogs via comments and hope that I can help widen their experience!

Daily Picture 10/02/09

A picture of the side of the road whlie driving with my sister (she was driving, don't worry!)

Daily Picture 09/02/09

A flowery hair clip.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Daily Picture 08/02/09

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Two bobble-head animals I have on my dresser - I just think they're cute :)

Daily Picture 07/02/09

A plaque I have hanging above my mirror in my bedroom. It reads:

"True Beauty shines from the soul and warms the world with kindness, compasstion and integrity"

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Daily Picture 06/02/09

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A random decoration sitting on my desk.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Daily Picture 05/02/09

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Some of my necklaces through the glass window of my jewely cabinet-thinger.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Daily Picture 04/02/09

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A cool looking glass I have on my desk for decoration purposes.

ted talks

One of our tech tasks for this week was to watch a video on TED tv, and provide a short synopsis for a group of fellow classmates last class. I watched Mattheiu Ricard's talk on the habits of happiness. He talked about what makes us happy, or unhappy and how to train the mind on becoming happy, ie; preserving our well-being.

Nicole recommended Robert Lang's TED talk on origami. This video was very interesting and enlightening. Lang gave a short introduction on the history of origami, but his main focus was what a huge impact origami has on several aspects of our lives. Most people can make a blow-up box or a paper crane, but with the help of a few mathematical equations, we can make a fish with four-hundred scales, a deer with detailed antlers and hooves, or a cockroach with several legs and antennae. Perhaps more revolutionarily, we can use origami plans to make an entire car commericial. We can make a 100 meter lens for a space ship fold into a 3 meter package. We can make a tube that will hold up a bad artery small enough to travel through our blood system until it reaches the right artery. Woah!

I also watched the video that Robbie recommended. Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain scientist, had the oppotunity to study her own brain while she was having a stroke; her stroke of insight. She explained how the two halves of our brain are like two different personalities. The right hemisphere is in an alternate reality. "I" becomes null; the molecules of our body mingle with the molecules of the air and objects around us. It is the part of our brain that is now, that is sensory, that takes everything we are seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling and presents the world as we see it. The left hemisphere is past and present, it takes what we have learned in the past and applies it to possibilities for the future. It is "I", it is what connects all humans to the same reality. It's the voice in your mind reminding you to pick up milk on the way home, that tells you that it's the day of the week to do laundry.

On the day of her stroke, Jill lost function in her left hemisphere. She woke up and it was like a bad internet connection; she'd get waves of left-thinking, of being able to read and talk and reality. The majority of her time that day was not spent in reality, was not spend trying to get help; the majority of her day she lived in what she called 'la la land'. She was not Jill, the brain scientist. She was not a whole, single being. Every molecule in her body became 'we'; they spread and mixed and mingled with the molecules that make up our environment. Help eventually came, and as she was on the ambulance on the way to the hospital, she felt something in her body let go. She knew that she was no longer "the choreographer of her life"; either the doctors would save her body and give her a second chance at life, or they wouldn't. She said goodbye to her life at that moment.

Somewhere between life and death, Jill found nirvana. She found a place where there were nurturing, kind, joyous people who had found the same beautiful world she had just discovered and who could go and leave as they pleased. But Jill was alive. She was alive and in nirvana. Her 'stroke of insight' was that if she could find nirvana while being alive, so can other people. That is certainly an idea worth spreading.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Daily Picture 03/02/09

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My CD collection.

Monday, February 2, 2009

k-12 online conference

I recently watched the K-12 Online Conference called Parental Engagement in the 21st Century - Leveraging web 2.0 tools to engage parents in non-traditional ways. The title is pretty much explanatory; how to get parents involved with their children's education through technology. Lorna Costantini, from St. Catharines, Ontario Canada & Matt Montagne, from Palo Alto, California, USA, host the conference. They begin by describing how this generation's children are growing up in a world of technology. The majority of their parents do not understand the entireity of the internet, and often try to block internet use from their kids rather than encourage it or learn it themselves.

By creating a Facebook account and exploring the websites their children use both in school and out, parents begin to understand just what their children are experiencing and accomplishing through the internet. They are cutting another cord of separation between themselves and their children, plus they are learning how they can use the internet for their own use. Parents need to understand the concept of the internet being social.

I agree that parents becoming partners in education does make a huge difference in a child's education. Technology is a smart way to do it, as parents can connect with their child, show them that they care about what they are doing, and learn to use the internet as a tool in their own lives.

Daily Picture 02/02/09

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My very first beanie baby, Pounce. 1/221 tys.

Daily Picture 01/02/09

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My sister. I'm stil in shock I managed to get a picture of her, the chicken.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

beginnings of a new artist?

Yesterday I met with Sarah Meyer to begin my first art project of a series of different forms of art. This is my Personal Arts Project for EAES201. Sarah taught me a lot about the art form of pointalism, showing me one of her works (which was amazing!), helping me select a picture to make, and demonstrating how to draw a ball through pointalism. Plus, she even gave me some cool art markers to make the best picture!

Later that afternoon, I went to Colours with my sister to buy some coloured pens in case I decided to add colour to my picture. While there, I went a bit overboard. By the time I left, I had collected the coloured pens, a calligraphy kit, charcoal, a sketchbook, an art portfolio, and ten sheets of scratch-art paper.

Looks like my project just got a little bigger.