Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I thought I'd give you a bit of an update on my mentorship. My Grade 10 English class in Virginia has been blogging for a while now, so their teacher told me her goal is to 1) develop personality and reflection in their posts and 2) expand their blogging horizons. I've been commenting on their blogs with advice on how each student can improve for their first goal. Then I came up with an idea to expand their second goal; blog-pals!

Blog-pals work a bit like pen-pals, just with a twenty-first century twist. The Grade 10 juniors in Virginia will be paired with Kindergartners from New Hampshire. The teachers and I are still figuring out how it's all going to work, but I think it will help the juniors expand their blogging experience and help the kindergarteners by encouraging blog posts.

If you have any idea of cool activities we can do, let me know!

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