Monday, February 16, 2009

final project in the making

For my final project, I decided to explore wikispaces. I decided wikispaces because almost everyone's heard of them and I saw that several of the mentorship classrooms in the masterlist are learning about them, so I thought it would be a good thing to teach myself.

My wikispace is going to be a resource site. That is, a huge collection of all of the resources (websites, books, crafts or just ideas) that are being thrown at me as an education student. I've made a start here, but I still have tons of resources to put on the site.

I'd like to make it as interactive as possible, without giving free reign on my wiki. Any ideas to expand the interactive-ness of the site are greatly appreciated. Please, please visit my wiki and give me any ideas or criticism you can think of. I am really open to new ideas and features for my wiki.


  1. Hey Robin,
    Just checked out your wiki - looks great! I had to start a wiki for my mentorship class as well :) You should check it out at I am just making up an intro page as of now but am commenting back and forth with my students on their wiki page. I look forward to seeing your resources! Keep up the hard work - semester is half way over (aaaah!)

  2. Haha your wiki is great so far! Your introduction is funny and informative; love the pics. I've tagged it to Delicious so I can follow-up on your wiki. Thanks for commenting on my my posts,