Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Here is my mastercard video. I apologize for the text at the bottom of 4/5 images... I lost my camera so I had to make do with flickr images. They are great images, but don't exactly flow how I'd like them to. Oh well. I used Microsoft PhotoStory which was super-easy to use. Enjoy!


  1. Cool video Robin! I was sitting here with my friend Shawn (who's from Regina) and he was like hey! I went to highschool with that girl (you), she was super smart!


  2. Haha, that's neat :) What's his last name? I don't remember a Shawn right off the bat - maybe he was in a different grade. Or maybe my brain is just frozen with the weather. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Is that last photo the result of the gift you made for someone?

  4. Yeah, I made four actually; one for my mom with her cat Joey, one for my sister with her cat Pepper, one for my grandma with her cat Skye, and the one in the video is my cat, Keyaira (a gift to myself haha). I only have a picture of mine that I took right before I lost my camera as a possible Daily Picture. I'm glad I took it so I could put it in the video :)