Monday, March 2, 2009


During reading week, I taught myself how to do calligraphy for my Personal Arts Project for EAES201. It was actually easier than I imagined, and it looks so pretty! I bought a package from Colours that came with five markers, practice paper, and instruction booklet and wax paper for only $20. I practiced both the Roman and Italian style, but I was better at the Roman style. I wrote out a few of my favourite poems from my English 110 class, so here are the results! I've uploaded them to my Flickr account, but I'm having trouble posting more than one on my blog at a time. Oh well, links are good enough.

By the way, part of the assignment is receiving feedback on my art. I'd really appreciate some constructive criticism. I think the picture of "The Night My Mother Died" is the most accurate one for this. Thanks!!


  1. That lettering looks really great! (Because I am left-handed, I can't really do traditional calligraphy as well as people who are right-handed, so, calligraphy is just a nuisance to me.) But you are doing a great job so far, just watch to make sure you are writing in a straight line. It might help to draw faint pencil guide lines with a ruler to ensure all your letters are at the same height and straightness.

    In my grade 10 art class, for a calligraphy assignment, we wrote song lyrics, with india ink and nib pens, on a piece of "parchment." Then we burnt the edges to make the paper look old and dipped the paper in canola oil to give it a translucent-animal-hide-feel. This could be a possible project after you feel comfortable with your calligraphy...just an idea.

  2. Looks great Robin! I didn't even know there was English style calligraphy, before you told me about this project. A suggestion I would make is, work on the spacing between each words. Maybe the letters within each word could written a tighter together too. but other than that, nice work Robin, I hope to see more, practice like an addict!

  3. Thanks so much for your feedback guys! If anyone else has some helpful criticism, please comment!