Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Daily Picture 17/03/09

Originally uploaded by metro_racer
Joey, sitting in his throne.


  1. Awe, very cozy. Reminds me of a cat named Puss (my sister's friends cat).

  2. I second the "awe" :) Reminds me of my cat Izzy. Robin, do you hope to he a casual photographer some day? For my convocation I am getting a nice camera and going to start picking it up as a hobby in hopes of doing it in my summers!

  3. @Dionne; what do you mean by a casual photographer? Taking pictures for people as a side/summer job?
    I never really thought about that actually. It's a good idea though; I'd probably take a photography class or two before I 'made it official' though. Is there a need for casual photographers in the city?