Sunday, March 22, 2009

final project update

So, as you may remember my plan was to make a wikispace of all the resources being thrown at my as an education student. The last couple weeks I've been teaching my mentorship classroom in Virgina how to use delicious (blog post about that to come). As I've showed them the usefulness of delicious, I began to realize that even if I beat this wikispace project out for my final project, I would probably never use it again and just transfer all of my resouces to delicious anyway. With this happy notion of motivation stirring me on, it's no wonder I've made no progress on my wiki.

I stayed online after class on Wednesday to talk to Dean. I'd hoped he would be able to give me some ideas and help pull me out of the ditch I was hopelessly stuck in... and he did! The new plan is to pick a grade level and subject, then make a video (possibly Flowgram), on five or six ways to incorporate technology in that classroom. I'm planning to get started on this as soon as I finish my report for my Personal Arts Project for EAES201.

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