Thursday, March 5, 2009

mentorship opportunity

Hello fellow ECMP355ers,

Last night, we talked about our mentorship classrooms and I found out that a lot of people aren't having a smooth mentorship as I am. My mentorships with Mrs. Jennifer Clark Evans and Mrs. Maria Knee are going great!

I have a third classroom that I'm having trouble keeping up with, probably because I'm focusing a bit more on the other two classrooms. It it mainly commenting on blog posts, so if any of you are looking for more experience (and possibly a better mark) on your mentorship, maybe you can help me out! Lois Smethurst's students are in the ICT Extension for Gifted Students program at their school in Victoria, Australia. LEEP is their website. Check it out!


  1. Dear Robin.
    I am the founder of (a free global mentorship community,
    that facilitates the mentorship process). There can be many reasons for a non working mentorship. Factors as chemistry, a clear goal and expectation is often vital parameters. But what is really important, is that the protégé takes responsibilty of the mentorship - and gives ongoing feedback to their mentors. I am curious to hear what you believe is the key factor to your mentorship success?

  2. Hi Natasha,
    Sorry it took me so long to reply; it's been a busy week. I suppose there were many factors that made the mentorship work; the teachers already had blogs set up, the students were uesd to blogging, and they had reached a point where they wanted outside advice, an expansion of feedback. That's where I come in and, as the mentor, I need to want to mentor the classroom and give them the same feedback as I would give my own class of students.
    I suppose the key factor is the classroom teacher wanting or needing a mentor and then following up and using them in their classroom, either by Skyping or talking about blog comments, etc. Otherwise, we're just a random person commenting on their blogs. Does that help a bit? Let me know if you need anything clarified or if you have more questions.