Friday, March 20, 2009

personal arts project

So, all semester I have been working on a Personal Arts Project for my EAES201 class. My goal was to do five art projects throughout the semester to improve my artistic ability. These projects included pointillism (with Sarah M.), sculpture (with Mickey), watercolour (with Marcy), calligraphy and charcoal. This may seem a little familiar as I've made posts about my sculpture, calligraphy and pointillism works, but this is your first glimpse at my watercolour and charcoal works.

Here are some additional pictures of my charcoal pieces. Since I learned this art form on my own, I would really appreciate some constructive criticism - that's actually part of my project - so if you could comment at least on the charcoal works that would be great. Enjoy the slideshow!

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  1. Were you using a photo as inspiration for the pointillism flower? Or for any of your works?

    I loved the softness of your butterfly and the way it looks as if it is floating. The symmetry of wing design is done wonderfully.

    Wow! That peacock looks beautiful. You might want to try using heavier paper for your next watercolour work to avoid the paper wave.

    Do you like photo realist work or do you prefer to work from your imagination? Is photo realism something you eventually want to achieve in your work?

  2. Great work on the charcoal Robin; the butterfly looks like its 3D, almost like its floating on the paper. I just finished painting my turtle, it looks like the boss dawg of turtles!

  3. Thanks so much for your feedback! If anyone else has some helpful criticism, please comment!

  4. @Erika; yes, I used photos as inspiration for the pointillism flower, the watercolour peacocks, and kind of a general outline for the charcoal butterfly, but the inside design changed as I drew.

    I do try to aim for photorealism. I need a lot of practice draw people though, as you can see by the charcoal dancer I attempted. I find animals and flowers easier to draw.

    @Mickey; Nice! You'll have to post a picture when your turtle is finished :)

    Thanks for the comments, both of you!