Friday, March 27, 2009

pigeons like to drive the bus and stay up late

I have been working with Mrs. Maria Knee's kindergarten class in Deerfield, New Hampshire, via their blogs. Their first assignment was to draw pictures of spiders, that I already have a blog post about. Their newest assignment was to draw pictures of a pigeon! I am guessing that that was their only instruction, because there were quite a variety of pigeons on their blogs.

Vivian had a blue pigeon with a detailed background. Patrick's pigeon wanted to stay up late. The pigeon that Matthew drew wanted a yppup (puppy)! Grace's pigeon was a bus driver. Plus, Katie drew a whole family of pigeons.

These are just a few of the student's blogs, but I wanted to show you some of the work that we have been doing. I found it interesting that Matthew spelled puppy correctly, just backwards. I showed my mom and she informed me that lots of kids do that when they learn to write - including me! Who knew?


  1. That's so cute. Funny what you learn about yourself later on in life. One thing I thought of when you talked about writing words backwards (very off topic haha) but was when I was learning to write in the primary grades my teachers would always get mad at me for holding my pencil wrong. I remember one teacher repeatidly telling me to hold it properly, but I had my own way of doing alot of things, holding a pencil included. I can write just as neat as anyone else if I try so I am not sure what all of the fuss about holding it a certian way was. :) (Just a tip if anyone ends up teaching kids to write not to scar them for life because it's sometimes pointless in the end)

  2. These are so cute Robin. It is almost mind blowing that a Kindergarten class is blogging. These are really neat and creative pictures. I can definetly implement a blog in my clasroom, so the students can show the world their talent! Much like Vivian, Patrick, Matthew, Katie and Grace, as well as all of the other children in Maria Knees class!