Monday, March 16, 2009

skyping with maria knee's class

Last Wednesday, I Skyped with Mrs. Maria Knee's kindergarten class in Deerfield, New Hampshire. They were all sitting on a carpeted section of the classroom, and they stood up one by one to introduce themselves. Next, Maria adjusted her webcam and gave me a tour of their classroom which was very colourful and had several secluded sections; perfect for a kindergarten class.

One of the students introduced me to their turtle, as Maria had read on my blog that I liked turtles. Another student showed me the projects they had been working on previous to my Skype call. They also asked me questions, like if I was in high school or college; I explained that university was like college for them. The only other province in Canada they had Skyped with was Quebec, so they wondered if I knew French, and Maria was also very eager to hear how Saskatchewan was pronounced. I was also impressed by the way that Maria had one student click the buttons required to call me, and another student end the call so that they were actually using Skype themelves.

Here are two files that I managed to save through Pamela (a program used to record Skype to mp3 files). Then I uploaded the mp3 filea to so I could post it here! It's just the very beginning and very end of our Skype call, we got cut off for some reason... I think my voice sounds weird, but oh well. At least John was very eager to meet me!


  1. That's amazing - how did you do that? I wish I would have thought about this with my skype - great idea!

  2. Hey Robin. I came back to this blog when I was having troubles getting my podcast up onto the net. Thanks for leaving the link, it came in handy!