Monday, March 30, 2009

student values

During my mentorship with Jennifer Clark Evan's junior English classes, they were required to make a of post of values that were most important to them. Man, I was impressed. Here are some of the posts that touched me the most. Enjoy!

Stephanie: being an Arts Education student, I was delighted when she mentioned Imagination and Creativity as two of her top five values.
Emmy: wait, a high school student recognizes that etiquette and manners are important? Whoa.
Chelsea: family, friends, freedom and faith.
Jessica: an outstanding job on explaining why some traditional values are so important.
Lucy: "I can't imag[in]e being any shade of a good person without [my family]".
Rachel: a true recognition of the importance of education, freedom and opportunity.
Samantha: honesty, truth, and respect.

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