Thursday, March 5, 2009

tech task 11B

After successfully making a slideshow on Smilebox, I started exploring some more sites from Alan Levin's 50+ Ways to Tell a Story. My goal for my second story was to find a tool where I could mix videos and pictures taken on my camera.

I checked out ToonDoo, even though I wasn't really looking to make a comic, and discovered it is very easy to use. You just drag and drop characters, backgrounds, props, bubbles, etc. Plus, you can upload your own photos to ToonDoo if you want. I bookmarked this site in Delicious for future use.

Next, I went to SplashCast, which according to Alan's site says you can upload video and pictures - exactly what I was looking for. However, the site must have changed; it is now a site that focuses on 'elusive 15-34 year-olds'. You can watch TV shows on this site, but no where could I find a 'registed' button, only a 'log-in' button.

Giving up, I moved on to JayCut, which also claimed to use pictures and video. It did just that, in a format similar to iMovie, but it got to complicated for me. If I had more time and really wanted to spend hours on editing a video, then this site would be very useful.

Finally, I chose the site Animoto. I wanted to avoid this one originally because several others people have used it, but it in the end, it functioned the way I needed it to. Plus, it looks really cool.

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