Monday, March 30, 2009

think green podcast

I finally was inspired to make my podcast by the occurence of Earth Hour. Here is a ???? long podcast on ways that YOU can make a difference in global warming.

I had quite the time uploading this darn thing to the web. It automatically saved as a .aup, but it didn't upload to I finally figured out how to dowload LAME to convert it to an .mp3, but then I had to 'find' the LAME file. I found it easily enough, but then had to figure out how to get there from the stupid window in Audacity. It's an hour after I finished recording my podcast, I finally have a way to embed it here. *sigh* You better enjoy it -evil glare-


  1. Great job - i liked the song at the beginning: "reduce, reuse, recycle....." lol good job!
    I worked for Kipling Industries which is a non profit organization that helps benefit the lives of individuals with mental impairments. In Kipling, the clients were responsible for running SARCAN - they did an amazing job! However, you have no idea the amount of garbage that people bring into SARCAN in hopes that they will take it from there... It is really unfortunate that people misuse great programs like that.

  2. Make sure if you bring milk jugs to SARCAN to wash them out!!

  3. Actually, I do have a bit of an idea about the inner workings of SARCAN... my sister works there! She loves working with the mentally impaired workers (it's split), and she's been teaching us about recycling properly. One of those tips is exactly what Amber said; washing our milk jugs. My sister's also collected some really neat bottles; she brought one home Saturday in the shape of a cat! Whoa :)

  4. Very cool. And by the "you have no idea" i meant it as in a slang for "wow wow wow" - not meaning it as in you literally have no idea. Just wanted to clear that up 'cuz I don't think you took it the way i meant it!

  5. It's cool Dionne, I knew what you meant. I actually thought when I posted my response 'I hope this sounds the way I hope it does'... as it, not like I was offended that you thought I didn't know, but more like 'oh, here's a neat coincidence!' That was my bad.

    As amazing as technology is, it just is not adequate in providing accurate communication in terms of innuendos, connotations and emotions. This is why I'd rather talk to my bf instead of text him lol Oh well!