Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Introducing Cadence

After much research and deliberation, I have decided to name my guitar Cadence, or Cady for short. A cadence is "progression of at least two chords that concludes a phrase, section or piece of music" to describe it simply, so it's musical origin fits a guitar. Plus, when you shorten it to Cady it becomes one of my favourite names :)

I considered Hathor (egyptian goddess of love, music and beauty), Euturpe (one of the nine greek muses; the muse of lyric poetry) and Asteria (greek mythological name meaning "star"). In the end, I didn't like the first two names and Asteria didn't really seem to fit my guitar. Cadence just popped into my head and ta-da! Cady was named.


  1. Excellent name choice my friend:) Some serious thought that we all know the rest of us won't put into our guitars lol. Any ideas for mine? Names that suit my personality or something?? Well anyways, i love your first scale:P Awesome...what is your final goal to end this fine journey at the end of the semester???

  2. Hey Nicole,
    Thanks for the comment. Can't wait for you to post some stuff so I can comment on your blog :) I will post my goal on ze blog when I make a more concise plan. As for names for your guitar... I will think ;) Have a great weekend!