Saturday, February 20, 2010


So, from my practices this week I have made a couple decisions:
  • Record "The First Cut is the Deepest" by next Monday's class.
  • Find some children's songs and record them.
  • Continue learning new chords and scales.
  • Song for end-of-semester performance: "Colours of the Wind". This song contains these chords: Am, C, Em, Dm, G, and the dreaded F. I will be using the 'survival' strum pattern, which sounds great but also had provided me with another challenge - I've been changing the rhythm of the melody to fit the strum pattern! I will do my best to sort this out before performance time.
This still mostly fits by original proposal, but it has been fine-tuned and molded to better fit my goals and abilities. I can't wait for midterm check-in and put "Colours of the Wind" past Denise to see what she thinks. Please encourage me by commenting on my blog posts! I would really appreciate it :)

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