Saturday, February 6, 2010

An Unexpected Practice

I had an unexpected practice last night which has provided me with *hopefully* a wonderful opportunity for my dwindling guitar project. While at a house party, someone discovered an acoustic guitar. Five out of the ten people could play fairly well, all self-taught, and two people including myself, could massacre a couple chords.

My boyfriend's friend Colter was really happy that I was learning guitar. He reviewed the chords I already knew (C, G, D and A) but also taught me E, Em, and Am. Then he taught me the chords for Last Kiss (G, Em, C, D). This is a great song for me to practice travelling between chords. I think I'm going to learn the words and attempt to be able to sing and play this song by February 22.

Colter also said he'd be in for a couple more teaching sessions throughout the semester. He's not a guitar genius, but he can play better than I can and I can use all the help I can get at this point in my learning. In exchange, I'm going to offer him piano lessons. At the same party I taught him the easier part of a duet on the piano and he caught on extremely fast and also played me a couple songs that he had taught himself by ear.

I've already changed my weekly goal schedule, but I believe as long as I do complete something every week, that is success!

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